Zoe versus Halloween.

Hello dear friends.

The silly season is over and back to work we go.

This is a Halloween layout I have been burning to do. Funny story too…I-DON'T-DO-HALLOWEENThis was my pumpkin pup’s very first Halloween and we wanted her to look extra special.

Luckily I didn’t spend a fortune on the costume, as you know they can become quite expensive.I-DON'T-DO-HALLOWEEN-#1She thought it was a new toy and stood nice and pretty for us to put it on. But boy, when I stood back to view the cutest little girl in the neighborhood she took off like the Tasmanian devil himself!

She looked like a wound up doll on steroids. We stood in awe of the bundle of fur and orange moving at a head spinning speed.I-DON'T-DO-HALLOWEEN-#2At last she calmed down a bit for a few very out of focus pictures. She even managed to undress herself and almost killed the costume.

That is when we knew, Zoe doesn’t do Halloween. But when the snacks came out she was all little princess again. Typical.I-DON'T-DO-HALLOWEEN-#3The title was cut with my cameo. I painted it and put some distress rock candy crackle glaze over it. While wet the glitter was applied to stick to the glaze.I-DON'T-DO-HALLOWEEN-#4Everything was distressed quite heavily with ink and dabber paints. I-DON'T-DO-HALLOWEEN-#5

To all the new viewers: Welcome and thank you for the visit.

At the moment everyone on this side of the globe are freezing, please keep warm and safe.

Happy Crafting Everyone.

Christmas Paper Bag Mini Album

Hello everyone, hope you all had a blessed Christmas.

Just before Christmas I attended a class presented by Holly Thompson at Scrapendipity headquarters. It is a Vertical Paper Bag Mini Album.Christmas-Mini-Album-#1This album is full of pockets and tags to place your Christmas memories in.Christmas-Mini-Album-#2But boy, am I glad I went for a class on this one. Holly is a very patient, and hands on teacher. Everything was prepared for us and with her helping hand  everything came together without too much problems.Christmas-Mini-Album-#3This is a very sturdy way of compiling a mini album from scratch, I shall definitely use this technique again.Christmas-Mini-Album-#4Of course the embellishing part is the most fun……Christmas-Mini-Album-#5



Christmas-Mini-Album-#9Now for those of you that would like to try this at home do not fear. Here is a link to a tutorial from http://mysistersscrapper.com/.

She has so many tutorials it would be hard to choose. The one we made here is called the Vertical Paper Bag Mini Album Series.


Enjoy making this one, it is a lot of fun.

Until next time friends

 Happy Crafting Everyone.

Altered Christmas Shoe

Hello friends.

I am so glad you have time to visit here.

Look at this sexy shoe Mrs. Clause left at my home. Who knew she had such grate taste in shoes?

I wouldn’t mind wearing a pair of these, only if she left the other one too….Altered-Christmas-Shoe#1This is a wooden shoe I bought at The Scrap Yard in Calgary south. It was meant for halloween, but time ran out and halloween was over before you could say “Rest in Peace”.

So Christmas looked like a good candidate for playing with paper and modge podge .Altered-Christmas-Shoe#2And what would this festive shoe be without some jingle and bling.Altered-Christmas-Shoe#3Some sassy feathers and lace to ensure an extra glance from Santa when walking away makes the back interesting.Altered-Christmas-Shoe#4This was a lot of fun to make and didn’t take long at all. Altered-Christmas-Shoe#5So pop in to The Scrap Yard, Lori have a lot of wooden alphas and other beautiful craft goodies. Maybe you can find a gift or two for yourself from yourself. It happens all the time here at my house.

Hope your Holidays are blessed and full of Christmas joy.

Happy Crafting Everyone.

Framed Collage Gift

Hello all.

Hope all is well and life is treating you kind.

It is that time of the year again. Gift giving, gift making and gift buying.

How about making something special for someone?Framed Collage GiftThis was a very easy and fun frame to make. The frame has five display spaces to fill, so all I had to do was make five mini pages to fit in the spaces.Framed Collage Gift #1I stuck to a basic theme of romance. They are after all grouped together.

Torn paper, inking, stamping and other small flat embellishments worked well here.Framed Collage Gift #2When finished stick it thoroughly in place and assemble the frame and glass.

How easy is that for a one of a kind, very special gift.

Enjoy the Christmas season and have lots of fun with your loved ones.

Happy Crafting!


Scrapbook a Peace Pipe

Hello all. Hope you are all well.

The flu grabbed me last week and wouldn’t let go. Hopefully it will get tired of my company and leave soon.

Here is a layout I did a while ago. See the nice summer flowers?Peace-Pipe-LayoutTim Holtz embossed grungeboard alphabets were stained orange with Spiced Marmelade distress ink, then brushed over with a black ink pad.Peace-Pipe-Detail-1Lots of stamping and distressing on this layout, and don’t forget to journal.Peace-Pipe-Detail-2The orange flower made a nice interest point for some extra journaling.Peace-Pipe-Detail-3I love to emphasize the titles on my pages, here I used stamping, coloring, stickers and pom-pom ribbon to make things interesting.Peace-Pipe-Detail-4

Thank you for visiting. Have a great weekend.

Happy Crafting Everyone.


Merry Green Christmas Card

Hello all visitors, glad to have you here.

It is that time of the year again, and out comes all the Christmas goodies.

This is an all green card, and very easy to make.Merry Green Christmas Card Emboss your background panel, place a die cut border at the bottom, and create the title oval.Merry Green Christmas Card #1The lamppost was stamped and embossed. Here you edge your paper on one side and use the same edge on the mat you want to use, also just on the one side. The stamped paper’s patterned edge should face your right, and the mats edge should face your left.

 Merry Green Christmas Card #2Remember to do some details inside your cards too.

Thank you for stopping by.

Happy crafting.

Remember When Altered Tin

Hello dear readers.

Winter is here and what is better than a cup of coffee to chase the cold away.

We love coffee and have a few empty tin cans, which I just love to alter.Remember when Altered TinFirst paint, then modge some pretty paper on and embellish with a few bits and bobs.Remember when Altered Tin detail#1Drill two tiny holes opposite from each other for the wire handle. Put can on soft carpet and step lightly on its open end to give it a bit of a flattening bend. See that your holes are on the bend. This is totally optional. I do it to give it a more of a used/old look.Remember when Altered Tin detail#2Try to modge over everything, that will seal it well and increase its durability.

Happy Crafting Everyone.


Welcome Baby Zoe

Good day to every one visiting.

Here is one of my more recent layouts. Zoe came into our lives like a little tornado, all fluffy and puppy.WELCOME-BABY-ZOEShe is a Jack-Russel and very, very busy, and a little shadow following me wherever I may go.WELCOME-BABY-ZOE-detail-1As you know by now we moved to Calgary a few years ago. Settling in is really difficult in a strange country, but Zoe made our house a home. WELCOME-BABY-ZOE-detail-2To come home to a bundle of energy so happy to see you is really special and she is so part of this family I can’t see our lives without her.

This was also my first girly, pink and flowery layout. Must say I enjoyed it very much.WELCOME-BABY-ZOE-detail-3On this layout I did a few stencil techniques and incorporated glimmer mist.WELCOME-BABY-ZOE-detail-4Off course stamping and a lot of inking was done, and I loved doing some stitching on the page.WELCOME-BABY-ZOE-detail-5Thank you for visiting, hope you are inspired to do a page on someone special in your life too.

Happy Crafting Everyone.

Warm Wishes Card

Hello dear readers.

Enjoying the snow? Winter officially arrived in Calgary.

Today is just a small post on a card I made from scraps.WARM WISHES CARDAs you finish up a scrapbook page there is bound to be some scraps left over. Well it is just scraps, but take the time and make a card.WARM WISHES CARD detail 1The colors already coordinate because of your finished layout, so how easy is that!WARM WISHES CARD detail 2Remember to do some details inside your cards too. While you are at it why not make it extra special? The recipient will remember this special card always.

Thank you for stopping by.

Happy crafting.


If the Altered Shoe fits

Hello readers.

Who doesn’t like shoes? Ladies,…. anyone?

Since the first pair of  shoes were made I am sure women all over the world just adored them.

Although this is an old shoe form I just loved altering it into a prettier image.ALTERED SHOE For the pretty fabric rose I followed a tutorial of  Donna Courtney. You can find the tutorial here: Visit thedecoratedhouse.blogspot.comALTERED SHOE detail 1

The rest is done by stamping with permanent ink, and some chain details. I simply glued the metal embellishments down with Fabri-Tac.

It looks gorgeous on my craft studio wall.


Enjoy your weekend and remember if the shoe fits, buy it in every color….

Happy crafting everyone.


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