Life is the Dancer

Hello dearest readers.

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Here you can view my latest mixed media mantra painting.

“Life is the dancer and you are the dance” -Eckhart Tolle.

(No, it’s not the wrong way around folks.)DANCER-#1Recently I started reading Mr. Tolle’s books, and my life is slowly but surely changing for the better.

This mantra is being explained by him as follows:

“There are three words that convey the art of living, the secret of all success and happiness: One With Life. Being one with life is being one with Now. You then realize that you don’t live your life, but life lives you. Life is the dancer, and you are the dance.”

~ Eckhart Tolle, A New Earth: Awakening To Your Life’s PurposeDANCER-#2I loved doing this painting…went overboard with the drippy method and enjoyed every minute of it.DANCER-#3The photo of the tattered ballet shoes is one of Teresa Dear. She was so kind to give me permission to use her photo in my painting.

Check out her work, it is fantastic.

DANCER-#4I think I used almost every method possible on this one, but the drip and stamping is still my favorite.DANCER-#5

DANCER-#6Hope you are inspired and have a bit of a twirl on this beautiful Easter weekend.

Happy Easter and Happy Crafting!

Dear Courage

Hello crafty friends.

I have another mixed media painting to share today.

There is a lot of layers built up, and I used a lot of stamps on this one.Courage-#1I used the theme of feathers throughout and collaged the wings with cut up flower images.





Courage-#6A lot of detail doodling and markings completed it to a monochromatic mixed media mantra painting.

Have fun this week with crafting and thanks for visiting.

Happy Crafting Everybody.


Hello every one.

Today I want to share another mixed media painting I did with a personal mantra on it.

I feel very strongly about the sense of worthiness. No matter who we are or what God created, it is worthy, it is deserving of our time, love and senses.Everything that is created is valuable and wonderful in its own right.Worthiness-#1Again the background was built up in layers and layers of different media. From inking, stamping, dripping and collaging.Worthiness-#2

Worthiness-#3I love butterflies and dandelions, so I incorporated them here. I had lots of fun collaging the butterfly into a nice big mixed flutter of petals, leaves and stamping.Worthiness-#5Lastly I wrote the definition of worthiness all around the wooden frame with a glitter marker.Worthiness-#4Hope you enjoyed the post and may it inspire you to do something wonderful!

Happy crafting every one.

Dream with your Eyes Open…

Hello dear friends.

It is with great excitement that I present to you my very first mixed media painting from the Kelly Rae Roberts e-course I am taking.Dream...#1This is a fantastic course to take. The e-course is self paced and is called “Hello Soul, Hello Mantras”.

I have learned so much and doors opened for me like never before.

Dream-#2Kelly Rae gently guides you to explore and find your own mantras, and from there teaches you how to have some real good fun with paint and mixing it with a lot of other goodies.

Dream-#3My mantra came to me as: “Dream with your Eyes open and see the Beauty of Creation”

The eye on the painting is a Tim Holtz stamp stamped with archival ink. I also used some of the tissue wrap from his idea-ology range.

Dream#4All my alphabet stamps came in handy with creating the title. See, you can never have enough supplies people.

Dream#5Thank you for visiting and a big thank you for all your support.

Happy Crafting to you all.


Hi everyone.

Today’s layout title says it all….BEWARE, Don’t mess with Grandma!

This is my mother in law on the farm. It seems when all the house work is done they play dress-up.BEWARE#1My mother in law is a great lady, and we all love her very much. She is tender and caring and will spoil us all rotten. But don’t mess with her or her family, she can get mighty feisty if she wants to. BEWARE#2I liked the curves of the paper and how easy it makes it to bring in more pattern paper.BEWARE-#-3I used Crate Paper’s Lemon Grass Collection paper and die cuts. Die cuts make it so easy to embellish a page don’t you think?BEWARE-#-5A little bit of stamping and inking, and brads rounded off the whole page in a jiffy.BEWARE-#-6Thank you for visiting, and have a lovely creative week.

Happy crafting everyone.

Limited Edition

Hello every one.

Welcome to this week’s post.

Again my little Zoe is the center of attention on this pinky layout.LIMITED-EDITION-#1I recently bought a “Distrezz-it-all” from Zutter. It is a fantastic little machine that heavily distresses from paper to chipboard.

Just look at my fancy torn, curly edges! And it didn’t take all day with a piece of sanding paper tearing up my nailsLIMITED-EDITION-#2A little stencil detail with a mister for the background, and watered down ink splatters and drips for the background made things interesting.LIMITED-EDITION-#3Off course stamping here , there and everywhere as usual gave even more detail. I kept my background not too busy. The photo and title is my focus.LIMITED-EDITION-#4This is my first doily! Sprayed it with some color so it would blend in and show some texture.LIMITED-EDITION-#5The embellishments is from a wide variety of product names. It went well together although they are not all from the same brand.LIMITED-EDITION-#6A little bling for the girly element and remember the date. I thoroughly enjoyed doing this page, hope it inspires some ideas.LIMITED-EDITION-#7Enjoy a crafty week and thanks for visiting.

Happy Crafting.

Cool Dude

Hi every one.

I am so fortunate to know my in-law stepfather.

What a nice guy with a big smile ready with some quirky comments ever so often. I love him to bits and although we have an ocean between us, he will always be my special Dad.COOL-#1These pictures were taken with a visit to the beach close to where we used to live. Just to show you his funny side he decided to do some “beach surfing”.COOL-#2I loved the colors of the paper, and must say I am starting to warm up to my own handwriting. Small journal pieces are so much faster to do by hand than typing it first.COOL-#3Borders are a favorite among some of us. Why not enhance them by stamping and some brads or other embellishments?

Sometimes paper is the right color, but could use something extra. Here I used the orange paper and stamped on it. COOL-#4Tearing paper and stapling gives a very rustic, grungy look, and remember to ink your edges.COOL-#5

COOL-#6Thank you so much for visiting and have a great creative week.

Happy Crafting Everyone.

XOX…You are my Sunshine

Hello every one.

Hope you had a wonderfully creative week so far.

Here is another page of my darling girl Zoe.XOX-layoutThe background paper is a Bo Bunny page that coordinated perfectly with My Mind’s Eye “the sweetest thing” range.

A very play full color range and pattern.XOX-#7I used my Acrylic Paint Dabber “AQUA” to highlight the paper edge and some of the embellishments.XOX-#6The paint was also smeared around the photos to create a bit of a contrast.XOX-#5I stapled green ribbon vertically to balance out all the horizontal lines on the page.XOX-#4

XOX-#3Washi tape is very popular at the moment, and adds little pointers and accents. Off course remember to stamp something, even if it is just a border.

I love to ink edges and why not curl some corners over for a bit of dimension.

XOX-#1Thank you for stopping by, have a lovely weekend.

Happy Crafting Everyone!

LIFEBOOK 2014….The Journey so Far.

Hello everyone.

This week I would like to share something a bit different than usual.

I have a wonderful husband that gave me an e-course for Christmas! It is called LIFEBOOK 2014 by Willowing & Friends.

What a wonderful journey so far! Each week there is a new lesson from very renowned artists lined up with video and pdf tutorials, and get this, it is yours FOREVER!

It is mostly mixed media, and boy, I am learning a lot of new things.

week-1Week one was chock full of info on color and drawing. The girly above is my guardian angel and my “word” for the year is CONFIDENCE.

This class was presented by Tamara Laporte. She is the great mind behind this whole course.week-4This mixed media piece was all about my favorite things. Off course this is just a drop in the bucket of my favorites.

The lesson was presented by Kelly Hoernig. I loved every second of this piece, and is a great teacher.week-5This lady is called “Cotton Candy Diva”. Loved, loved, loved this one. The class was presented by Marieke Bokland.

She is from the Netherlands and as sweet as her creations. She made it so easy and my inner critic got a deaf ear from me with this creation.

So this is what I have been up to the last couple of weeks.

Thank you for visiting and remember to try something new this week.

Happy Crafting Everyone.


Hello friends.

After almost being buried in snow we have a nice sunshiny day here in Calgary. Not that I am complaining, it is winter after all.

This time of year I think warmer times are on our minds. That is why I picked this picture of  our summer holiday in Kelowna.Charlie-layoutCharlie came to visit from South Africa. He is our nephew and we went on a nice road trip holiday to show him beautiful Canada.Charlie-#1This picture was taken in Kelowna on a cherry farm.Charlie-#2I loved doing something different this time. I used a stencil to ink my colors on the page. Then of course some stamping (always stamping). Washi tape was torn and stuck on for more color and balance. When everything was stuck down I splattered some diluted ink on for more visual interest.

I wanted a grunge manly look, and are very pleased with the outcome.Charlie-#3

Charlie-#4Thank you for your visit and keep well.

Happy crafting everyone.

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