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Hello every one.

Hope you had a wonderfully creative week so far.

Here is another page of my darling girl Zoe.XOX-layoutThe background paper is a Bo Bunny page that coordinated perfectly with My Mind’s Eye “the sweetest thing” range.

A very play full color range and pattern.XOX-#7I used my Acrylic Paint Dabber “AQUA” to highlight the paper edge and some of the embellishments.XOX-#6The paint was also smeared around the photos to create a bit of a contrast.XOX-#5I stapled green ribbon vertically to balance out all the horizontal lines on the page.XOX-#4

XOX-#3Washi tape is very popular at the moment, and adds little pointers and accents. Off course remember to stamp something, even if it is just a border.

I love to ink edges and why not curl some corners over for a bit of dimension.

XOX-#1Thank you for stopping by, have a lovely weekend.

Happy Crafting Everyone!


Hello friends.

After almost being buried in snow we have a nice sunshiny day here in Calgary. Not that I am complaining, it is winter after all.

This time of year I think warmer times are on our minds. That is why I picked this picture of  our summer holiday in Kelowna.Charlie-layoutCharlie came to visit from South Africa. He is our nephew and we went on a nice road trip holiday to show him beautiful Canada.Charlie-#1This picture was taken in Kelowna on a cherry farm.Charlie-#2I loved doing something different this time. I used a stencil to ink my colors on the page. Then of course some stamping (always stamping). Washi tape was torn and stuck on for more color and balance. When everything was stuck down I splattered some diluted ink on for more visual interest.

I wanted a grunge manly look, and are very pleased with the outcome.Charlie-#3

Charlie-#4Thank you for your visit and keep well.

Happy crafting everyone.

Zoe versus Halloween.

Hello dear friends.

The silly season is over and back to work we go.

This is a Halloween layout I have been burning to do. Funny story too…I-DON'T-DO-HALLOWEENThis was my pumpkin pup’s very first Halloween and we wanted her to look extra special.

Luckily I didn’t spend a fortune on the costume, as you know they can become quite expensive.I-DON'T-DO-HALLOWEEN-#1She thought it was a new toy and stood nice and pretty for us to put it on. But boy, when I stood back to view the cutest little girl in the neighborhood she took off like the Tasmanian devil himself!

She looked like a wound up doll on steroids. We stood in awe of the bundle of fur and orange moving at a head spinning speed.I-DON'T-DO-HALLOWEEN-#2At last she calmed down a bit for a few very out of focus pictures. She even managed to undress herself and almost killed the costume.

That is when we knew, Zoe doesn’t do Halloween. But when the snacks came out she was all little princess again. Typical.I-DON'T-DO-HALLOWEEN-#3The title was cut with my cameo. I painted it and put some distress rock candy crackle glaze over it. While wet the glitter was applied to stick to the glaze.I-DON'T-DO-HALLOWEEN-#4Everything was distressed quite heavily with ink and dabber paints. I-DON'T-DO-HALLOWEEN-#5

To all the new viewers: Welcome and thank you for the visit.

At the moment everyone on this side of the globe are freezing, please keep warm and safe.

Happy Crafting Everyone.

Scrapbook a Peace Pipe

Hello all. Hope you are all well.

The flu grabbed me last week and wouldn’t let go. Hopefully it will get tired of my company and leave soon.

Here is a layout I did a while ago. See the nice summer flowers?Peace-Pipe-LayoutTim Holtz embossed grungeboard alphabets were stained orange with Spiced Marmelade distress ink, then brushed over with a black ink pad.Peace-Pipe-Detail-1Lots of stamping and distressing on this layout, and don’t forget to journal.Peace-Pipe-Detail-2The orange flower made a nice interest point for some extra journaling.Peace-Pipe-Detail-3I love to emphasize the titles on my pages, here I used stamping, coloring, stickers and pom-pom ribbon to make things interesting.Peace-Pipe-Detail-4

Thank you for visiting. Have a great weekend.

Happy Crafting Everyone.


Welcome Baby Zoe

Good day to every one visiting.

Here is one of my more recent layouts. Zoe came into our lives like a little tornado, all fluffy and puppy.WELCOME-BABY-ZOEShe is a Jack-Russel and very, very busy, and a little shadow following me wherever I may go.WELCOME-BABY-ZOE-detail-1As you know by now we moved to Calgary a few years ago. Settling in is really difficult in a strange country, but Zoe made our house a home. WELCOME-BABY-ZOE-detail-2To come home to a bundle of energy so happy to see you is really special and she is so part of this family I can’t see our lives without her.

This was also my first girly, pink and flowery layout. Must say I enjoyed it very much.WELCOME-BABY-ZOE-detail-3On this layout I did a few stencil techniques and incorporated glimmer mist.WELCOME-BABY-ZOE-detail-4Off course stamping and a lot of inking was done, and I loved doing some stitching on the page.WELCOME-BABY-ZOE-detail-5Thank you for visiting, hope you are inspired to do a page on someone special in your life too.

Happy Crafting Everyone.

SIMON SAYS MONDAY Challenge: Nautical

SIMON SAYS MONDAY Challenge: Nautical

This is a layout of our visit to England-Cornwall.CORNWALLIt is a little coastal town bustling with tourists and very cheeky seagulls.

Happy weekend to you all.

Best Buds Layout

Hello dear reader.

I am really fortunate to have such a beautiful son. Always smiling, doing his best to do the right thing and being kind and compassionate toward others. Since he was a little boy he had these amazing trademarks. He is growing up way to fast, and sometimes I miss the smaller boy who had no care in the world. Playing, friends, Lego and swimming were priority. These days he is in high school. Where did the time go?

Best-Buds-LayoutI scrapbooked this page of my son and his best friend from kinder garden. They were such good buddies and liked the same things and had the same interests. We lost contact through the years, but sincerely hope he is well and still smiling.Best-Buds-CollageHere I tried my hand at a bit more layering with paper. Overlapping some elements connects everything nicely.Best-Buds-Detail-1I also started to hand journal more on my pages. Scary at first, but once I did it it became more easy to do.

( You see, it is that thing of everything must be perfect.  At last I let go of that notion.)Best-Buds-Detail-2Do you also sometimes feel stressed out that things must be perfect? I would love to hear your comments on this.

Thank you for sharing this post with me.

Happy Crafting Everyone.

New Wheels Scrapbook Layout

Hello friends and visitors.

Hope you had a great week so far. Autumn has arrived and temperatures are dropping……the white stuff is on its way people! Get out the woolies and gloves.

Here is a layout I did a while ago of the men in my life. Obviously in a nice warm, cold free South Africa.New-Wheels-LayoutTim Holtz Grunge lettering was ideal for this. I love nice eye catching titles. Make it interesting with embellishments, and remember the ever present inking and distressing of almost everything on the page.New-Wheels-CollageDates are also important.

Add them in interesting ways. So you will help the future generation (that will hopefully cherish and appreciate all your hard work) to know when the photos were taken. New-Wheels-Detail-2New-Wheels-Detail-1Thank you for visiting this week.

Happy Crafting Everyone.

Visiting the Telus Museum

Hello from a nice sunny Calgary.

Today I want to share this layout with you. We were in Vancouver and spent a whole day at the Telus museum. The place is filled with a variety of science exhibits and lots of interesting facts. Telus Museum LayoutThe page is nice and colorful, just as it is inside. Kids just love this place!

Telus Museum Detail #1I distributed my journalling all over the page on ticket stubs and words here and there.

I also tried to make the title fun and eye catching.

Telus Museum Detail #2

 Thank you for visiting.

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Have a wonderful creative week.

Happy Crafting Everyone.

Sipping Starbucks Scrapbook layout

Hello visitors. Today I would like to share with you one of my favorite indulgences.

STARBUCKS coffee of course.

Sipping Starbucks Scrapbook layoutAs I first set foot in this magical place of aromas and cosiness, I knew I was hooked. Luckily there is a coffee shop around almost every corner, so I don’t have to go far for a fix of this delectable java.Sipping Starbucks Scrapbook collageMore about this layout. One nice large focus photo takes the spotlight, with smaller images in bookplates. Also note the photo placed on the larger focus photo in the corner. This is a nice way to include more images if there is no space left.Sipping Starbucks Scrapbook detailI liked doing the title in a rounded fashion and then placed arrows all around the page to emphasize the title “Around every corner”. The inchies in the corner blocked in that empty space quite nicely.

I would love to hear your comment on this page, so feel free to leave one at the end of the post.

Thank you for visiting. I am going to get me some coffee now….

Happy Crafting Everyone.

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