Altered Bottle with Metal Flower

Hello lovelies.

Hope you are well and crafty!

I made another bottle and had way too much fun.Flower-bottle-#-1The flower is a metal trinket and I altered it with some red acrylic paint and a rhinestone in the center.Flower-bottle-#-2The bead on top was soldered on and rounded off with some chain.Flower-bottle-#-3The chain and birdie charm were attached to the cheese cloth. I placed it in such a way  that the pretty paper I modged on still showed it’s red roses.Flower-bottle-#-4The cheese cloth was stained with vintage stain and glued on the glass all around. When bundled it has quite a unique look to it.Flower-bottle-#-5Thank you for visiting, lets meet again soon.

Happy Crafting Everybody!

Altered Christmas Shoe

Hello friends.

I am so glad you have time to visit here.

Look at this sexy shoe Mrs. Clause left at my home. Who knew she had such grate taste in shoes?

I wouldn’t mind wearing a pair of these, only if she left the other one too….Altered-Christmas-Shoe#1This is a wooden shoe I bought at The Scrap Yard in Calgary south. It was meant for halloween, but time ran out and halloween was over before you could say “Rest in Peace”.

So Christmas looked like a good candidate for playing with paper and modge podge .Altered-Christmas-Shoe#2And what would this festive shoe be without some jingle and bling.Altered-Christmas-Shoe#3Some sassy feathers and lace to ensure an extra glance from Santa when walking away makes the back interesting.Altered-Christmas-Shoe#4This was a lot of fun to make and didn’t take long at all. Altered-Christmas-Shoe#5So pop in to The Scrap Yard, Lori have a lot of wooden alphas and other beautiful craft goodies. Maybe you can find a gift or two for yourself from yourself. It happens all the time here at my house.

Hope your Holidays are blessed and full of Christmas joy.

Happy Crafting Everyone.

Remember When Altered Tin

Hello dear readers.

Winter is here and what is better than a cup of coffee to chase the cold away.

We love coffee and have a few empty tin cans, which I just love to alter.Remember when Altered TinFirst paint, then modge some pretty paper on and embellish with a few bits and bobs.Remember when Altered Tin detail#1Drill two tiny holes opposite from each other for the wire handle. Put can on soft carpet and step lightly on its open end to give it a bit of a flattening bend. See that your holes are on the bend. This is totally optional. I do it to give it a more of a used/old look.Remember when Altered Tin detail#2Try to modge over everything, that will seal it well and increase its durability.

Happy Crafting Everyone.


If the Altered Shoe fits

Hello readers.

Who doesn’t like shoes? Ladies,…. anyone?

Since the first pair of  shoes were made I am sure women all over the world just adored them.

Although this is an old shoe form I just loved altering it into a prettier image.ALTERED SHOE For the pretty fabric rose I followed a tutorial of  Donna Courtney. You can find the tutorial here: Visit thedecoratedhouse.blogspot.comALTERED SHOE detail 1

The rest is done by stamping with permanent ink, and some chain details. I simply glued the metal embellishments down with Fabri-Tac.

It looks gorgeous on my craft studio wall.


Enjoy your weekend and remember if the shoe fits, buy it in every color….

Happy crafting everyone.


Vintage Altered Bottles


Hello everyone.

What a nice week so far.

We visited the Calgary GREAT CANADIAN SCRAPBOOK CARNIVAL! last week. It is hosted by Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine every year. Boy, did we have fun buying all those nice scrapbook goodies from some of the top retail stores in Canada. Next year I shall be crafting with the Calgary girls for sure.

Today I would like to share with you more bottle art.

I had a more romantic approach towards this project.1This was fun to make and I got to use beads, pearls and fabric and a variety of embellishments all together. 3For the pretty fabric rose on the tall bottle I followed a tutorial of  Donna Courtney. You can find the tutorial here: Visit

The tall bottle has a crackled effect. I got the idea from  Visit (Wendy Vicchi).

And to top it all off the feather was added for a nice shabby chick look.2The fabric rose on the small bottle was attached directly onto the lid, how easy is that! You can even fill it with candy for a great gift.

Thank you for stopping by.

Happy Crafting Everyone.


Happy Thoughts Altered Tin Can

Hello everybody.

We here in Calgary are having the most awesome weather. Nice sunny days to enjoy before winter arrives. Fall is just around the corner, and with it brings time to be extra creative while its cold outside.

Here is one of those “off the page” crafts some of us love so much. An altered coffee can.

Happy Thoughts Altered Tin Can #1

First I painted the can with acrylic paint, then modged some pretty scrapbook paper and teared offcuts onto the can. Drill two tiny holes opposite from each other for the wire handle. Put can on soft carpet and step lightly on its open end to give it a bit of a flattening bend. See that your holes are on the bend. This is totally optional. I do it to give it a more of a used/old look.Happy Thoughts Altered Tin Can #2Embellish further with crayons and die-cuts. Remember to modge podge over the whole can and the embellishments made out of paper to seal it well.

Happy Thoughts Altered Tin Can #3Take some craft wire, or wire that will easily bend, and measure how long you want the handle to be and add a bit more. Now you fit the wire through the drilled holes, twist and curl it as your artistic license allow you to do, and there you have your own unique altered art!

Thank you for visiting. Have a wonderful creative filled week.

Happy Crafting Everyone.


Tea Time Tim Holtz Clock

Hello again. Hope you had a lovely long weekend.

This is my second Tim Holtz clock. What can I say, they are just too nice to leave alone.Tea Time Tim Holtz Clock I am a big fan of Alice in Wonderland and loved, loved, loved altering this clock into my own little piece of wonderland.

Tea Time Tim Holtz Clock detailI used G45 paper and a Tim Holtz clock. After gesso and paint I spattered and sprayed ink on the outside, I  added a few stamps here and there, and artificial moss for the inside. The little tea pot I found at a secondhand shop out in the countryside. Just one of many things The Beloved (husband) wanted to know “What for?” This is what it is for Darling. Tea Time Tim Holtz Clock collageFussy cut out images, and lots of little details, like the teabag and banner finished of the clock. Best is to have fun with it and don’t plan ahead too much. Let the details fall in place as you go along.

Thank you so much for visiting, hope I gave a little inspiration to you all.

Happy Crafting Everyone.


Altered Bottles with an African flair

Hi everyone. Happy Wednesday to you all.

As I mentioned in my “About Me” page, I am from South Africa. So some of my work gets an “African flair”, whether I wanted it that way or not.Altered Bottles with an African flairThese were my first altered bottle attempts. It was not my intention to make it look African, but it came out that way. Altered Bottles with an African flair collageIt was also the first time I tried my hand at soldering. Lots of fun I tell you. Please just do a bit of research first and try not to burn the house down like I almost did. (long story). The tall bottle has a crackled effect. I got the idea from  Visit (Wendy Vicchi). Also use creative items for the top of the bottle if you decide it needs a lid of some sort. Here I used a doorknob and a big old bead.Altered Bottles with an African flair closeupIf you like altered bottle art check out my Pinterest board called “Jars & Bottles”.

Thank you for visiting with me, and I shall be back soon with more goodies to share.

Happy Crafting Everyone.


My first Tim Holtz Clock

Good day everyone.

This is my first altered “Timmy Clock”.

How much fun was this!

Altered Tim Holtz ClockI used mainly G45 Secret Garden Collection paper for this one.

It is so much fun because you get to build the whole thing in layers, and anything goes.

Altered Tim Holtz Clock collageFirst take the whole thing apart….(remember to place parts together that belongs together, otherwise you may have a few extra screws without a home in the end)

Now have some fun with gesso, painting, distressing and dry brushing the outside parts.

Altered Tim Holtz Clock detailI stamped on the inside of the glass too to give it more dimension. Add paper and embellishments on the back plate of the clock, it is here where you can add more dimension by fussy-cut images and lifting it with a few layers of foam squares.

Replace glass and assemble. Now you can add flowers, swirls, bling and other findings.

Use very strong fast drying glue and remember that you can actually use any clock that you can take apart. Just think of the possibilities people.

Happy Crafting Everyone.




Welcome to my Happy Place.

Welcome to Scrapbook Medley.

At last I am up and running. To everybody that waited so patiently, thank you, I hope the results will be worth the wait.

I call this my Happy Place because what better feeling is there for the art and crafters among us to create and share our creations and ideas. “Medley” means “Mix“, and that is my passion, to mix all sorts of media and techniques.

This is the purpose of my blog. I hope that it will become your Happy Place too.

A huge THANK YOU to my husband who created this blog for me, you are indeed a very patient, talented and gifted man xxx

Feel free to browse around, subscribe, pin or leave comments.


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