Hello dear friends!

After a long absence (I won’t bore you with details) I am back in the saddle making some art and of course scrapping, scrapping, scrapping.

Winter arrived this week and boy is it cold here in Calgary. Snowing and sub zero temperatures keep us bundled up, but the dog must get her walk regularly. So, what to do? Get her some boots of course!

Zoe has a love-hate relationship with her gorgeous red boots. She loves to walk and hate the boots with a passion.Boots-1We had a great laugh at her expense when we first put them on, she walked as if her GPS was malfunctioning. We must have offended her way to much, because when the boots come out she hides in her kennel. Poor baby still gets her walk, but a short one as to not freeze those pretty doggy feet.Boots-2This layout was done on some nice snowflake winter paper and I added some red splashes for repetitive color. The dots are really pretty they’re made by Prima and called “sugerdot stickers”Boots-3Of course a lot of stamping and splashes of red ink give some interest. Something to try: put down an interesting stencil ( I used circles)  and then stamp on top of it. The stamp will show only where the open patches are.Boots-4Add some texture with cotton thread bundles peeking out from underneath objects, and add a little pizazz with flowers and gemstone swirlies. Remember to stick down some washi tape.Boots-5Just look at how these snowflakes make the page come together. Remember to try and always work in odd numbers.

I just love Basic Grey alphabet stickers. They make adding a title so easy.Boots-6Hope this inspires you some.

Those having summer, enjoy the heat, and for all my winter friends stay warm and enjoy the beautiful winter wonderland.

Till next time

Happy Crafting.


  1. Gorgeous, I love the cowboy/girl boot on the clip and the brass snowflakes. And showing half the flower, genius!

  2. We are getting snow on and off here, but it is cold!! Not in the house with the woodstove going tho! I live just outside of Pembroke, Ontario.

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