Hello every one.

Today I want to share another mixed media painting I did with a personal mantra on it.

I feel very strongly about the sense of worthiness. No matter who we are or what God created, it is worthy, it is deserving of our time, love and senses.Everything that is created is valuable and wonderful in its own right.Worthiness-#1Again the background was built up in layers and layers of different media. From inking, stamping, dripping and collaging.Worthiness-#2

Worthiness-#3I love butterflies and dandelions, so I incorporated them here. I had lots of fun collaging the butterfly into a nice big mixed flutter of petals, leaves and stamping.Worthiness-#5Lastly I wrote the definition of worthiness all around the wooden frame with a glitter marker.Worthiness-#4Hope you enjoyed the post and may it inspire you to do something wonderful!

Happy crafting every one.


  1. Michelle Marks says:


  2. Gorgeous! I love your mantra!

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