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Hi every one.

I am so fortunate to know my in-law stepfather.

What a nice guy with a big smile ready with some quirky comments ever so often. I love him to bits and although we have an ocean between us, he will always be my special Dad.COOL-#1These pictures were taken with a visit to the beach close to where we used to live. Just to show you his funny side he decided to do some “beach surfing”.COOL-#2I loved the colors of the paper, and must say I am starting to warm up to my own handwriting. Small journal pieces are so much faster to do by hand than typing it first.COOL-#3Borders are a favorite among some of us. Why not enhance them by stamping and some brads or other embellishments?

Sometimes paper is the right color, but could use something extra. Here I used the orange paper and stamped on it. COOL-#4Tearing paper and stapling gives a very rustic, grungy look, and remember to ink your edges.COOL-#5

COOL-#6Thank you so much for visiting and have a great creative week.

Happy Crafting Everyone.

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