Zoe versus Halloween.

Hello dear friends.

The silly season is over and back to work we go.

This is a Halloween layout I have been burning to do. Funny story too…I-DON'T-DO-HALLOWEENThis was my pumpkin pup’s very first Halloween and we wanted her to look extra special.

Luckily I didn’t spend a fortune on the costume, as you know they can become quite expensive.I-DON'T-DO-HALLOWEEN-#1She thought it was a new toy and stood nice and pretty for us to put it on. But boy, when I stood back to view the cutest little girl in the neighborhood she took off like the Tasmanian devil himself!

She looked like a wound up doll on steroids. We stood in awe of the bundle of fur and orange moving at a head spinning speed.I-DON'T-DO-HALLOWEEN-#2At last she calmed down a bit for a few very out of focus pictures. She even managed to undress herself and almost killed the costume.

That is when we knew, Zoe doesn’t do Halloween. But when the snacks came out she was all little princess again. Typical.I-DON'T-DO-HALLOWEEN-#3The title was cut with my cameo. I painted it and put some distress rock candy crackle glaze over it. While wet the glitter was applied to stick to the glaze.I-DON'T-DO-HALLOWEEN-#4Everything was distressed quite heavily with ink and dabber paints. I-DON'T-DO-HALLOWEEN-#5

To all the new viewers: Welcome and thank you for the visit.

At the moment everyone on this side of the globe are freezing, please keep warm and safe.

Happy Crafting Everyone.

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