Welcome Baby Zoe

Good day to every one visiting.

Here is one of my more recent layouts. Zoe came into our lives like a little tornado, all fluffy and puppy.WELCOME-BABY-ZOEShe is a Jack-Russel and very, very busy, and a little shadow following me wherever I may go.WELCOME-BABY-ZOE-detail-1As you know by now we moved to Calgary a few years ago. Settling in is really difficult in a strange country, but Zoe made our house a home. WELCOME-BABY-ZOE-detail-2To come home to a bundle of energy so happy to see you is really special and she is so part of this family I can’t see our lives without her.

This was also my first girly, pink and flowery layout. Must say I enjoyed it very much.WELCOME-BABY-ZOE-detail-3On this layout I did a few stencil techniques and incorporated glimmer mist.WELCOME-BABY-ZOE-detail-4Off course stamping and a lot of inking was done, and I loved doing some stitching on the page.WELCOME-BABY-ZOE-detail-5Thank you for visiting, hope you are inspired to do a page on someone special in your life too.

Happy Crafting Everyone.

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