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Hello dear reader.

I am really fortunate to have such a beautiful son. Always smiling, doing his best to do the right thing and being kind and compassionate toward others. Since he was a little boy he had these amazing trademarks. He is growing up way to fast, and sometimes I miss the smaller boy who had no care in the world. Playing, friends, Lego and swimming were priority. These days he is in high school. Where did the time go?

Best-Buds-LayoutI scrapbooked this page of my son and his best friend from kinder garden. They were such good buddies and liked the same things and had the same interests. We lost contact through the years, but sincerely hope he is well and still smiling.Best-Buds-CollageHere I tried my hand at a bit more layering with paper. Overlapping some elements connects everything nicely.Best-Buds-Detail-1I also started to hand journal more on my pages. Scary at first, but once I did it it became more easy to do.

( You see, it is that thing of everything must be perfect.  At last I let go of that notion.)Best-Buds-Detail-2Do you also sometimes feel stressed out that things must be perfect? I would love to hear your comments on this.

Thank you for sharing this post with me.

Happy Crafting Everyone.

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