Poultry Party Mini Album

Hello my Peeps!

Yes, today is all about my poultry party mini album.

To some of my closer friends it is no secret that I absolutely adore our winged, feathery friends. Not just chickens and ducks, but also any fluffy bird God created. Maybe it is their freedom to fly whenever they need some space, or maybe  their playful nature sometimes. Poultry-Party-CoverWouldn’t it be grand if we could just take off in the air (without the help of Air Canada) and go where we could take a deep breath in the safety of a tree until we are ready to face the world again?Poultry-Party-CollageI always have a birdbath in my garden and a feeder to see what bundle of joy will come along and make my day. Watching them take a bath is a real treat and very uplifting.Poultry-Party-Detail-#1Chickens make me always long for a simpler time, it is a nostalgic experience I can’t explain. Maybe it is because they are so homely and uncomplicated. All they need is food , water and their little families they look after and love.

Don’t even get me started on the chicks…………Poultry-Party-Detail-#2Chickens came a long way you know? What was first?….the chicken or the egg? And how about all those other quotes and jokes. I can see why they are the subject of mockery, they are quite funny. Observe them a bit and you can’t help but crack a smile at Mr Rooster strutting his stuff all over the yard, and how about Mrs Hen flirting past him with the rest of the ladies giving him the fluttery eye.Poultry-Party-Detail-#3This album was an absolute labor of  love and enjoyment.

I have put in my favorite happy making sunflowers, red gingham paper, polka dot ribbons, bees and stamping galore.

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Happy Crafting Everyone.

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