Happy Thoughts Altered Tin Can

Hello everybody.

We here in Calgary are having the most awesome weather. Nice sunny days to enjoy before winter arrives. Fall is just around the corner, and with it brings time to be extra creative while its cold outside.

Here is one of those “off the page” crafts some of us love so much. An altered coffee can.

Happy Thoughts Altered Tin Can #1

First I painted the can with acrylic paint, then modged some pretty scrapbook paper and teared offcuts onto the can. Drill two tiny holes opposite from each other for the wire handle. Put can on soft carpet and step lightly on its open end to give it a bit of a flattening bend. See that your holes are on the bend. This is totally optional. I do it to give it a more of a used/old look.Happy Thoughts Altered Tin Can #2Embellish further with crayons and die-cuts. Remember to modge podge over the whole can and the embellishments made out of paper to seal it well.

Happy Thoughts Altered Tin Can #3Take some craft wire, or wire that will easily bend, and measure how long you want the handle to be and add a bit more. Now you fit the wire through the drilled holes, twist and curl it as your artistic license allow you to do, and there you have your own unique altered art!

Thank you for visiting. Have a wonderful creative filled week.

Happy Crafting Everyone.


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