Altered Bottles with an African flair

Hi everyone. Happy Wednesday to you all.

As I mentioned in my “About Me” page, I am from South Africa. So some of my work gets an “African flair”, whether I wanted it that way or not.Altered Bottles with an African flairThese were my first altered bottle attempts. It was not my intention to make it look African, but it came out that way. Altered Bottles with an African flair collageIt was also the first time I tried my hand at soldering. Lots of fun I tell you. Please just do a bit of research first and try not to burn the house down like I almost did. (long story). The tall bottle has a crackled effect. I got the idea fromĀ  Visit (Wendy Vicchi). Also use creative items for the top of the bottle if you decide it needs a lid of some sort. Here I used a doorknob and a big old bead.Altered Bottles with an African flair closeupIf you like altered bottle art check out my Pinterest board called “Jars & Bottles”.

Thank you for visiting with me, and I shall be back soon with more goodies to share.

Happy Crafting Everyone.


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