Scrapbooking with Bottle Caps


Hello everyone. I am so excited to share my very first scrapbook post with you.

Bottle caps can be used in so many different ways for arts and crafts.

Here I used it in a layout telling the story of my son “cooking”.

BonAppetit scrapbook layout

These photos bring back so many memories…..Always happy to help in the kitchen when they are young, not to mention the mess to be made!

 But I believe it was the groundwork of a great cook in the making. Today he is quite handy and experimental when it comes to kitchen duty.

BonAppetit detail

Simply put the bottle cap on a soft surface and hammer the edges down with a rubber mallet.

BonAppetit Collage detail

This method will curl the edges, of course you can use it without this method. If you would like more examples check out my Pinterst board “Bottle Caps”.

As you can see I make good use of all the space provided. Stamping is just one of my fav’s to fill up space. (The secret is in the details.)

Happy Crafting Everyone.



  1. Congrats on your beautiful blog. Looking forward to seeing all your stunning work….you are an inspiration.

  2. Anonymous says:

    What a lovely page Alana. Lovely to be in touch with you again. We’ll be down in Shelley Beach in about two weeks. We often think of you and your lovely family and how we all got started. I love your Blog. I’ll be back. Take care and lots of love to you all.xx Deidre

  3. Charles Charlie-Ecko De Fortier says:

    Wow. Very nice. Really love your blog. Congrats. You are a real inspiration.

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